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Battery Manufacturer

Fifteen years Lithium-ion batteries manufacture and lifepo4 battery OEM with 500 employee’s since 2006, Polinovel R&D teams comes from the top3 battery maker companies in China. We are experts in solar energy storage, RV, deep cycle battery, marine, boat, golf cart&buggy, AGV robot, forklift, light EV alike, and much more applications with over 35 countries project solutions.

XT Lithium

HD Lithium

AF Lithium

Light EV

Energy Storage

Quality & Management

With Polinovel Total
Quality Assured.

All components that enter the production of lithium batteries have undergone strict inspections on appearance, quality, specifications, and functions. We implement high-standard quality control into every detail. After assembly, the batteries undergo rigorous performance tests such as charging, discharging, cycling to ensure that each battery is unparalleled before being sent to customers.

OEM/ODM Solutions

Premium OEM and ODM manufacturing services

Polinovel devoted its efforts to lithium-ion batteries, with a wide range of products and rich manufacturing experience, Polinovel can provide you with different customized types of lithium batteries, which can be applied to different application scenarios to meet your needs.


What Our Clients Say

Great product and excellent value. The company produced them in a fast time and used very fast global shipping. The batteries look like they are high quality and the LCD display works great!

This was my first order with a Chinese business and I was most impressed. They were clear and willing to answer any questions or vary the product if necessary and took care to make sure they were supplying a suitable product. I am going to explore the possibility of importing more batteries for re-sale in the UK so hope this is just the start of a happy business relationship. Thank you!

I purchased three of these to use as the house battery bank on my boat. Typically they would need to be carefully charged to up a matching voltage before connecting them in parallel. I was very surprised to find that the voltage of all three matched exactly right out of the box. I suspect that Polinovel selected matching cells in the assembly process to make these match so well.

The person in charge is kind and the product is of very good quality. The battery purchased three years ago has the same performance as a new battery. Great!

One of the best transactions of my commercial career (49 years long). The level of service from my Polinovel representative was exceptional. Despite the vast cultural differences her help and knowledge were exceptional. So far I have only undertaken a visual inspection of the goods but the workmanship appears to match the quality of the sale service.

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